Who are we?

We are your "COMPLETE" source for an H-2A work force, doing as little or as much as you need. We can tailor services to fit just the amount of support you may need. From simple operation consulting services, to a "complete" turnkey operation. And anything in between.

Our goal is to put together an H-2A visa program that lets you tend to the business of farming and not spend hours laboring over the details.

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What is H-2A?

H-2A is short for H-2A visa which is the government's designation for a legal guest worker who performs seasonal agricultural work.

It is designated for farmers who anticipate a shortage in workers to do agricultural labor. Around since 1986, it is only recently that farmers have begun to take a serious look at this visa program.

It is only a temporary visa and it never allows the worker to use their H-2A visa to gain legal status in the US.

Under the "Best" circumstances, the H-2A visa program is extremely complicated, full of bureaucratic delays and surprises. It is not user friendly. For that reason many farmers turn to private companies or associations to implement and manage their H-2A visa program.

That is the reason that H2A Complete was founded.

Why use H-2A workers?