If you need adviceon starting your own H-2A visa program, we can help you understand:

We offer a variety of services!

Petition Processing We can process petitions for those who manage their own H-2A work force.
Housing Support You are required to provide housing for H-2A workers. Where do you find it - Do you rent or build - How much does it cost - What inspections are needed - What else is needed - What about on-going management. These are just some of the housing support issues we can help you with.
Worker Support H-2A representative available to address concerns and issues of workers in their language.
Payroll Services Payroll looks simple but beware. Few payroll service companies can do a "legal" H-2A pay check. We cover all the bases for Wage and Hour inspections. We keep track of your hours offered/hours worked - Minimum Wage Adjustment - IRS Filings.
Turn-Key Packages For those growers who want an H-2A work force but don't have the experience or staff to do it themselves, we can do a "complete" turn-key package where we take care of every facet of their work force. We can tailor a package to fit just about any farm operation.